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We believe, that to have a successful business, it must contribute to peopleís better lives. In other words, in order to be u, must be useful. If we didnít offer new products, a better quality or lower prices of already popular articles, we would not has existed as a company. We try. We exist.


1998y. - Company foundation. Import and sale of medical products made by company 3M-USA.

1999y. - Termination of trade relation with the above company. Representation of company SAN HO TIAN - TAIWAN until unification with company MOTEX HEALTHCARE, import and distribution of hypoallergenic tapes and wound dressings.

2000y. up to now - Representation of MOTEX GROUP - TAIWAN, import and distribution of latex surgical gloves .

2001y. up to now - Representation of company BIOPROTECH - SOUTH KOREA, import and distribution of ECG electrodes.

2002y. up to now - Representation of company ACON LABORATORIES - USA, import and distribution of diagnostic rapid test for pregnancy, ovulation, drugs of abuse, infectious diseases,tumor markers.

2003y. up to now - Representation of company EXPANDING INDUSRY - CHINA, import and distribution of electrocardiografes and patient monitors .

2004y. up to now - Representation of company BIO-MED - INDIA, import and distribution of I.V. cannulas and 3-Way stop cocks.


Representation of producers from USA, TAIWAN, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, THAILAND and INDIA for BULGARIA. Import and distribution of medical products. Well-developed distribution network in almost all country.