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The I.V. cannula Bio-Flon has been designed specially with wings and an injection port, which acts as a second access way for intermittent infusions. 6% luer taper for compatibility with any International product. It ensures painfree & smooth penetration.

General Specifications
Sterile, Single use and non pyrogenic. The flash back chamber allows quick visualization of venous return .Wings specially designed for easy gripping and safe clamping .Needle cover to prevent accidental damage to needle or catheter .Intermittent Non Return Valve to prevent leakage . Colour coded port cap as per ISO Standards

Salient Features
Japanese Stainless steel (AISI304) needle with diameter and length adhering to all ISO standards Triple Point Needle for painless insertion
Thin walled catheters

Special Characteristics
Customized Automated Tipping Technology for lower penetration forces
Minimum Clearance between catheter and needle to avoid peel-back
Catheter Material as per USP standards Class VI

Safe-Ways, 3 Way stop cock is designed to provide an additional infusion opportunity between Line and Venipuncture. With its fully transparent body and uniform smooth bore the product permits maximum infusion flow without any turbulence or air-bubble formation.

General Specifications
Sterile, Single use and non pyrogenic .Fully transparent polycarbonate body for visualization of flow .6% Luer Taper for compatibility with any international product .Arrow Indication Marks for indication direction of Flow

Salient Features
.Rotating dead space for accurate drug administration .Continuous flow channels . Tight covers for all ends. Pressure tested pneumatically and hydrostatically for upto 7 bars .Rotation allowed for 360*